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At St. Bernard’s PSEC, we work hard to promote an inclusive environment for all children; regardless of ethnic origin or religious beliefs. We have created a holistic environment where our children feel a sense of belonging and through our keyworker approach – ratio of 1 staff member to 8 children, we are able to pay close attention to the interests and current development of each individual child; finding the right balance between children’s self-chosen play and experiences planned by adults. 

St. Bernard’s Pre School. Children at Play.

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Goodbye class of 2021-2022!

We want to say a big congratulations to the class of 2021-2022 in completing their Pre School Year. It has been a wonderful year and it has been great working together with all the children and their …

End of Year Celebrations!

As a follow on from last weeks events and in keeping with the celebrations, for special treats we had an ice cream party and a Burger King meal & movie! The children have been a joy and an absolut…

Puppet Show by Carnival Productions

Yesterday the children got a wonderful treat to start off the End of Year Celebrations! Carnival Productions put on a hilarious Fairytale themed puppet show and played lots of dancing games (including…

Releasing the butterflies!

We picked a lovely sunny day to release our butterflies in the garden area. As soon as we brought them outside their wings were flapping and within 10 seconds of opening the net, off they flew up to t…

Butterflies & Stick Insects

Over the past month we have made home to caterpillars and stick insects. We now have 12 stick insects in total and our caterpillars are now underway in their transformation as they are now chrysalides…

Dental Visit

This morning we had a visitor from the BHSCT to talk to the children about keeping our teeth healthy. The children listened to a story, met some puppet friends and answered all of Lynn’s questions. Ly…

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