Who we are

Our ethos

St. Bernard’s Pre School was established in 1983 and was originally based within St. Bernard’s Primary School. We now have our own setting within the Parish Centre and provide a morning class of 26 children aged 3-4. Our focus is to provide children with a platform to learn through play based activities, and by scaffolding their learning; we help children to engage with all the areas of the curriculum with the aim to; developing their knowledge and skills through practical activities.

We have use of the Parish Centre twice a week as part of promoting children’s gross development skills, and this enabled us use of their large hall for indoor play with vehicles, scooters and bikes, footballs and a portable climbing frame as well as scheduled movement and exercise sessions as part of our ‘Learn to Move Programme’.

We also have use of the garden at the Scout Hall every Friday which enables the children to move around freely in a large outdoor space; giving the children the freedom to let off steam in a secure open environment.

In November 2020, we developed a much needed and long-awaited direct outdoor space! This had always been on the agenda and due to COVID-19 restricting the use of Shared Spaces this was fast tracked.

We have a small direct outdoor area which the children in small groups every Monday and Wednesday. We currently have a mud kitchen/messy play area, large Art Easel, Construction area, water wall, ball drop, investigation table and tree house nook for instrument and relaxing play. It’s amazing what can be done in a small space and we pride ourselves in being a home-from-home close knit family within a cosy, welcoming child centred environment. 


Donna Mulhern BA ECS PG Dip

Preschool Manager

Kylie Scott BA Hons

Preschool Leader

Linzi Elliott




To provide a child-friendly environment that is safe, caring & stimulating where each child will learn, grow and develop as an individual.

To encourage children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem 

To promote children’s social, intellectual and physical development, through play and structured activities.

To encourage the children to respect other children and adults, and to learn tolerance, consideration and self-control.

To regularly observe the children and record their developmental progress.

To plan for each child’s future developmental and intellectual progress.

To continually review and evaluate our provision and resources to ensure that children are receiving quality education and make changes if necessary.

To recognise that the children themselves do not choose to come to our setting.  As such we aim to provide an environment that is welcoming and friendly which will encourage the child to return.

To make parents/carers feel welcome and provide an atmosphere where both children and adults feel happy and comfortable.

To work as partners with parents/carers and offer flexibility that allows each child’s individual needs to be met.

To honour parent’s trust that we will nurture their child and give them quality care.

To provide parents with regular newsletters and information about our provision and early years developments.

To be open to parents comments, criticisms and suggestions.

To maintain an adult/child ratio of 1:8

To create a non-sexist and non-racist atmosphere by introducing appropriate toys books and games to encourage equal development of both sexes.

To regularly renew our resources to provide ongoing stimulation and interest.

To keep up-to-date with early years developments new legislation and thinking

To liaise with other agencies and carers, such as health visitors, social workers, child minders and pre-school organisations in the interest of the individual child when necessary.

To develop links with our local schools and community.

To work within the guidelines of the Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education.

To follow the guidelines and requirements of the registering bodies.

To regularly update staff training.

What we’ve been up to

Staff Training Day – Alice Sharp workshop

On Thursday 10th November, the staff team attended a workshop hosted by the wonderful Alice Sharp! Alice is an established educational consultant who specialises in the the education of children in th…

Woodwork & Creativity Training

Last week all of the St. Bernard’s staff attending an exciting training session on Introducing Woodwork into a Pre School setting. The staff even got to get creative and use the tools and materials fr…

Testimonials for 2022-2023

Our daughter has thrived at St Bernard’s Pre School; she will miss pre school, her friends and the amazing staff! Top class facilities and timetable for each day. Pre School leader/educators have went above and beyond for all of the children and have kept us informed of every developmental milestone along the way. Extended Services have been a tremendous help for child minder pick up times also; we would be at a loss without this extra service.

We can’t thank you enough for teaching our daughter so much and taking such good care of her.


St Bernards preschool has created a great foundation for P1. The staff are devoted to the children which is reflected in the numerous activities they have planned throughout the year to support their development. My son has loved his time at St Bernards preschool and the constant communication with parents keeps us up to date with everything going on. I would highly recommend St Bernards Pre School I can’t thank the staff enough for the safe, fun and educational environment they have created.


We highly recommend St Bernard’s preschool. They have amazing teachers and great curriculum. One thing we really appreciated was that Mrs Scott was always on top of things and sending out reminders to parents. As busy working parents, reminders are great help for us to be involved and aware of school schedules and activities. You have been doing such a wonderful job of keeping activities consistent and coordinating schedules every week. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

My daughter has absolutely loved her time at St. Bernard’s Pre School. She has made great friendships and learned so much in a fun and safe environment thanks to the dedication of the teachers. As parents, the communication has been fantastic and we have been involved in lots of different activities that have allowed us to watch our daughter develop and become fully prepared for the next step to primary school. Thank you!


My son was always content going to St. Bernards thanks to the professional staff and great routines. As a parent I have had truly enjoyable/proud moments thanks to the Preschool Christmas plays and the Games day and getting to see my son take part. Lovely memories for us. He has a new love of art work in particular colouring in and I certainly seen him grow in maturity since joining Preschool.


St Bernard’s Pre-School is fantastic. Our daughter has loved it from start to finish. The Pre-School leaders and assistants are some of the best, most committed educators and people we have ever experienced. They always go above and beyond for the children and this shines through every day on the faces of kids.

Thanks to all of you for everything you’ve done this year. The pre-school has become such an important part of my daughter life that we find it hard to fathom that it’s all over.


We cannot be more thankful to St Bernard’s pre school for everything they have done for our son throughout the year. They have been amazing from start to finish and have created such a positive start to his education journey. We, like him, will be sad for this chapter to come to an end. Cannot recommend enough.