Who we are

Our ethos

St. Bernard’s Pre School was established in 1983 and was originally based within St. Bernard’s Primary School. We now have our own setting within the Parish Centre to accommodate up to 52 children. Our focus is to provide children with a platform to learn through play based activities, and by scaffolding their learning; we help children to engage with all the areas of the curriculum with the aim to; developing their knowledge and skills through practical activities.

Prior to COVID-19 we had use of the Parish Centre every week as part of promoting children’s gross development skills, and this enabled us use of their large hall for indoor play with vehicles, scooters and bikes, footballs and a portable climbing frame as well as scheduled movement and exercise sessions.

We also have use of the garden in St Bernard’s Primary School (Pre-COVID-19), who kindly permit use of their playground adjacent to the garden, thereby enabling the children to move around freely in a large outdoor space; giving the children the freedom to let off steam in a secure open environment.

In November 2020, we developed a much needed and long-awaited direct outdoor space! This had always been on the agenda and due to COVID-19 restricting the use of Shared Spaces this was fast tracked.

We now have a small direct outdoor area which the children in small groups use daily. We currently have a mud kitchen, large Art Easel, Construction and Sand area. We plan to develop this further by adding a Music and Water wall! It’s amazing what can be done in a small space and we pride ourselves in being a home-from-home close knit family within a cosy, welcoming child centred environment. 

Due to COVID-19 we have responded by increasing movement sessions as part of our usual curriculum based plans as well as have our daily walks – to ensure we are promoting physical movement and mental-wellbeing. Whilst COVID-19 has had an impact on current provision we are always finding new ways of doing things in ensuring that children are still provided with the same play-learning experiences.


Donna Mulhern BA ECS

Preschool Manager

Kylie Scott BA Hons

Preschool Leader

Bernie Caulfield

Casual Classroom Assistant

Jean Ho

Early Years Practitioner



To provide a child-friendly environment that is safe, caring & stimulating where each child will learn, grow and develop as an individual.

To encourage children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem 

To promote children’s social, intellectual and physical development, through play and structured activities.

To encourage the children to respect other children and adults, and to learn tolerance, consideration and self-control.

To regularly observe the children and record their developmental progress.

To plan for each child’s future developmental and intellectual progress.

To continually review and evaluate our provision and resources to ensure that children are receiving quality education and make changes if necessary.

To recognise that the children themselves do not choose to come to our setting.  As such we aim to provide an environment that is welcoming and friendly which will encourage the child to return.

To make parents/carers feel welcome and provide an atmosphere where both children and adults feel happy and comfortable.

To work as partners with parents/carers and offer flexibility that allows each child’s individual needs to be met.

To honour parent’s trust that we will nurture their child and give them quality care.

To provide parents with regular newsletters and information about our provision and early years developments.

To be open to parents comments, criticisms and suggestions.

To maintain an adult/child ratio of 1:8

To create a non-sexist and non-racist atmosphere by introducing appropriate toys books and games to encourage equal development of both sexes.

To regularly renew our resources to provide ongoing stimulation and interest.

To keep up-to-date with early years developments new legislation and thinking

To liaise with other agencies and carers, such as health visitors, social workers, child minders and pre-school organisations in the interest of the individual child when necessary.

To develop links with our local schools and community.

To work within the guidelines of the Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education.

To follow the guidelines and requirements of the registering bodies.

To regularly update staff training.

What we’ve been up to

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