A belated End of Year Celebrations post!

This is very much a belated post in relation to our End of Year Celebrations for Class 2020-2021! But I couldn’t not share what we all got up to at the end of June as looking back now, it all went by in a flash!  

First of all, we had the utterly amazing ‘Fizz Whizz Pop’ put on a show for all of the boys and girls. This was a fantastic treat of all of the children (and the staff) and the children were mesmerised by the theatre and magic that unfollowed. There were a lot of laughs and big smiles all round – which is exactly what we all needed. We would definitely recommend ‘Fizz Whizz Pop’ for all parties!

The next day we had a takeaway Burger King for snack! The children were so excited and all sat together to enjoy their special treat. Lots of Kings, Queens and Princesses present of course. 

The day after that we had our garden party! A very kind parent stepped in and cut the grass for us and the children enjoyed a picnic, dancing and free play over in the garden, and thankfully, it stayed dry right until the children were due to go home! 

On the children’s last day, the children had one last treat – a walk down to the local Ice-cream shop. The children all enjoyed a lovely ice-cream together and a few parents were able to volunteer to help with the journey (thank you again).  

It really was a wonderful end to the year. The children have been so incredibly positive, enthusiastic and resilient in such a disruptive year and we are beaming with pride and there are big things ahead for the class of 2020-2021, we have no doubt. Good luck to you all in your P1 adventures and beyond and make sure you come by and say hi! 

Best wishes to you all from the staff at St. Bernard’s Pre School.