Extended Service

The Extended Service has been designed to provide parents/carers with additional childcare/afterschool care beyond the usual Pre School daily sessions.

The Extended Service will be implemented as flexible ‘clubs’ each day, such as an ‘Art Club’, ‘No-bake Club’, ‘Movement & Music Club’ and ‘Rhyme/singing Club’. Clubs may be changed or amended reflective of the children’s interests and engagement.

The children will be able to avail of the activity planned each day as well as have their lunch and have some free-play/down time within a smaller group of children.

The benefits of the Extended Service include providing parents/main carers with additional childcare (children are in for an extended period), the children form special friendships within their Pre School and children also get to benefit from extra-curricular activities.

The Extended Service operates at a fee (please refer to our Extended Service Policy on our Policies & Procedures tab – the fee may be subject to change each year). The year of 2020-2021 has been our first year of our Extended Service and it has been a huge success with numbers a lot higher than expected – feedback from children and parents have been excellent! For our new intake of children for the year 2021 – 2022, we will be gathering information at induction of who would like to avail of the Extended Service.