Hello Butterflies!

A few weeks back, we had some new residents at Pre School. We had our lovely caterpillars, whom we have been observing closely as one of our themes for this term– lifecycles. We have enjoyed creating butterfly arts and crafts, singing caterpillar rhymes, looking at our ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story sack and of course observing and talking about our caterpillars through to their chrysalises’ stage. So, we got a surprise on Tuesday that 1 had emerged (we are thinking it was the one who ate the most food as it was the biggest caterpillar!) and we have named it Simba! On Thursday, 2 more emerged – Ryah and Cooper! On Friday afternoon – we welcomed number 4 (which the children still have to name) and we are only awaiting 1 more. We will be feeding the butterflies and letting them get strong for flight before we release them next week so they can do their important pollination jobs! This has been a wonderful ongoing learning experience for all of the children, especially as they get to observe first-hand the lifecycle of a butterfly with their very own eyes!