Hello September!

A big welcome to all of our class of 2021-2022! We have started phasing the children in from the end of August and our settling in period runs through to the end of September with all children in from the 20th. Our phasing in process allows us to get to know every child on my more personal level and capture what they’re all about (which really contributes to our close and homely environment). We are delighted to have set up our room the way we normally would after restrictions last year with COVID-19 (photos attached to give you all an idea of current set up). As we get to know the children we will react by changing play areas and set ups as often as needed to provide variety, keep children stimulated and their learning through play opportunities at a high standard throughout the year. We are still battling through the pandemic and we hope that working together with families we will have a safe and happy year ahead for all of us. Policies and Procedures will be uploaded over the next week including information related to COVID-19 and what to do if your child is unwell. I will be circulating by email our first planning cycle for Autumn in a few weeks time but until then we are taking things at slow pace to get everyone well settled in!