Our Remote/Home Learning Programme

Our Remote/Home Learning programme is underway! This has been devised in response to lockdown and ensures that the resources provided to parents are helpful in engaging and working with their child through play-based learning, which are appropriate to age and stage and current family circumstances.  Ms Mulhern has created 26 individual home learning packs with each pack containing a learning resource, a messy play activity information sheet, a fun with sounds activity sheet and 3 library books.  

  • The learning resources consists of either learning toy or instrument 
  • The messy play recipe sheet contains messy play ideas that can be made using store cupboard ingredients 
  • The bags contain a fun with sounds activity sheet which has engaging ways to immerse children in early phonic and communication activities 
  • And as part of our Big Bedtime Read theme, there are also 3 library books in each pack 

The bags will be rotated every week ensuring that children get a range of new resources and ideas each week. We have already been sent photographs via Learning Book of some of the boys and girls enjoying their Remote Learning bags which is wonderful to see!