Week 4/5 (1st – 11th February) Theme : Celebrations – St. Valentine’s Day

For our fourth and fifth week of our planning cycle and as part of our weekly project themes, Ms Mulhern and Mrs Scott brought two celebratory themes together! One of our celebratory themes was St. Valentine’s Day!

The range of activities involved focusing on the heart shape and finding different ways of creating through the means of arts and crafts. The children made multiple hearts by print making – using paint and shaving foam, made fizzing hearts by combining food colouring, bicarbonate of soda and clear vinegar (a fun science experiment!), wool threaded and wrapped hearts, and decorative hearts using a range of craft materials using dipped wool in paint to make prints. The children finished the week by creating bouquet prints using gathered celery and paint! As well as process art, children enjoyed learning Valentine’s themed rhymes and having a boogie!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!