Week 6 (22nd – 25th February) theme – Ringo the Flamingo

“When you hug people, it makes their heart go faster” – Emilia

For our sixth week of our planning cycle and as part of our weekly project themes, Mrs Scott and the children explored the story sack ‘Ringo the Flamingo’ – another wonderful story by Neil Griffiths. This story is about Ringo, who is a bit different from the other flamingos in that his legs don’t work. There are lovely themes that run through the story such as celebrating and embracing differences, kindness, helping, caring and supporting your friends. So, we decided to use some of these themes and focus on ‘Kindness’ and ‘Animals’ for the week. The children created a ‘Kindness Tree’, children decorated branches and shared their thoughts around kindness. The children also made friendships bracelets to hang on the tree! The children explored mark making methods by using feathers and toy animal figures to create patterned process art. The children made Jungle rain sticks using craft materials and danced together to African music. At the end of the week the children created 3D Ringo’s and Ringo portraits. Throughout the week the children enjoyed animal themed numeracy/sorting games, number rhymes, songs and dance! A very busy week and we will continue to extend on our ‘Animal’ themed activities with exploring ‘Rainbow the Fish’ with Ms Mulhern!