General updates – Reminders, issues with email & Acceptance of Pre School places

I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend (shame about the weather!). This is a reminder to current parents (as per email) that we we open tomorrow to children (4th May), even though the Primary School is closed.

We have been having a few issues with out email. We believe that our email address is being used to send emails out to random contacts (does not appear to be any contacts we know) with an email containing ‘Swift Copy’ or similar. If you receive an email from the above email address that either contains information in relation to ‘Swift’ or an undesirable email – it is definitely not from us and please do not open the email. New parents/carers for new intake 2021/2022, new enquiries and current parents/carers are to continue using my contact email address.

I have emailed parents/carers on Wednesday the 28th of April, who have been successful in obtaining an allocated place within the Pre School for the new year 2021-2022. I used the email addresses that parents/carers used for their applications via the Education Authority website. I am still awaiting a few acceptances. Please check all of your email accounts in case you used an email address that you don’t normally access on a daily basis. I will be sending reminders emails to those I have not heard from tomorrow afternoon and by Wednesday pm I will be ringing those who have yet to accept. Parents/carers who have responded to my email do not need to contact me (unless of course you have any questions!). If your child was unfortunately not allocated a place and you would like their name to be added to our Waiting List, please let us know.

Many thanks,
Kylie Scott