Just to say Hello!

A BIG HELLO to all of our Pre School families! I hope you have all been enjoying the summer holidays so far. A major change in the weather now, but I hope you have all been able to get out and about and bask in the glorious sunshine we had over the past few weeks. I’m sure some of you parents would agree that whilst it’s all well during the day, the heat during the night was tough for the little ones (and us too).  

I will be in touch with parents by email some stage during the week of the 16th of August. This will be to provide a general update of proceedings for children starting, especially in relation to COVID-19 as well as reminders for your child’s first day. Ms Mulhern and I will be back at base from the 16th to clean and get the Pre School all in check for when children start and we will be able to hopefully provide parents with a more up to date version of any changes or measures in relation to COVID-19 – which we touched on at induction. At this point in time, I mostly only have the email addresses of one parent of each child (derived from the EA Admission Applications). Once we receive your child’s Starter Pack/contact information on your child’s first day, then I will add the other contact email address, if a second is provided. If you would like to or wish to receive any emails prior to your child starting and your email address was not used when applying for your child’s Pre School application then please email me at kyliescott.stbernardspreschool@hotmail.com. 

The most up to date guidance information in relation to COVID-19 dates back to March & May. We do not expect to have up to date guidance until end of August/September, so unfortunately, we may start the year off a certain way but we may need to change things should guidance conflict with our operations and procedures – but hopefully not! Our website including a range of our policies will be updated by September to reflect on the year ahead. Let’s have our fingers crossed that this year will have as little disruption as possible and we all stay safe and happy. Again, if any parents have any concerns regarding your child’s development or wellbeing, please get in touch with us.  

Until then, stay safe, and I will speak to our new parents in August!