Pre School Closure – COVID-19

Hello everyone. It’s very hard to comprehend that unfortunately we are still dealing with this unforgiving virus and the impact it is having on our provision. In relation to updated guidance we have had to close. We are closed as of today (7th Thursday) until further notice – and will reopen once we have been given the go-ahead to open again. We are currently open to Keyworker children, and Ms Mulhern has sent out an email to parents detailing who this is applicable to.

It’s a very difficult start to the year and we very much looked forward to seeing all of the children back to start their new term and it really is a shame. We very much hope that we are able to welcome back children next month (after mid term break – seems to be the rumour) if all is safe and well. We hope our families have had a relaxing Christmas (as much as possible!) and have been able to stay safe during this time.

We will be sending out an email in due course how we plan to implement our Home Learning program and Ms Mulhern has been in putting this altogether! Whilst it’s difficult to replicate the Pre School experience at home we hope to provide a taste of what your child would be doing/learning within Pre School under normal circumstances – and this is always done through play!