Staff Training Day – Alice Sharp workshop

On Thursday 10th November, the staff team attended a workshop hosted by the wonderful Alice Sharp! Alice is an established educational consultant who specialises in the the education of children in the early years. The staff have attended online training by Alice Sharp before, but it was great to attend a physical session alongside other early years settings from different districts in Northern Ireland! The focus of the workshop was around promoting children’s wellbeing through playful engagement. Alice brought up a great point in how we are all competing against a ‘digital/virtual world’ as children are now surrounded by technology. Alice provided us, as practitioners, with meaningful ways to encourage children’s curiosity and how a simple activity could be delivered in a variety of interesting ways that make experiences more child-centred and holds the child at the heart of their personal learning. We all agreed that it was inspiring training and it has definitely promoted a lot of thinking around our role as educators.

Please see the below link for more information about Alice Sharp.